Here's what we'll cover

In this 4 part video series I'm going to show you how all the pieces fit together to make your website a well trained sales associate who is always working for you.


Video 1

How powerful can a website really be - an assessment for how powerful your website is right now


Video 2

Creating your website plan - we're going to map out a start to finish plan for YOUR website, not someone else's.


Video 3

The website blueprint - an easy to follow roadmap of making your website amazing


Video 4

Let's not waste time - an exact schedule you can follow to maximize your website's potential in just a few hours a week.

Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Stephanie. I’ve been building WordPress websites since they revolutionized how we create beautiful, functional, affordable websites. I started building websites back in the day when we had to hand write the code!!!! WordPress is much easier. Web design started as a hobby of mine and in 2010 I turned it into my passion and full-time business. When I work on a website, it’s because I love working on websites. I teach people how to use their websites and make them beautiful and functional through my courses and online sessions.

I help people create websites that work for them! I work with entrepreneurs, coaches, and bloggers who are frustrated by technology by teaching the tech and making it easy. I believe creating a website should be easy, affordable and hassle-free. I believe your website should work for you. Every website has a purpose. I want to help you find and develop that purpose. Your website should be beautiful. It should be a reflection of your most beautiful self.

Make Your Website Start Working For You Now!

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